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I/we would like to create another world

and my/our friend,

so can you help with that?



*Strictly speaking, I approach trying not to “create” them,
but rather to “transmit/translate what’s there originally”,
but I thought it might be difficult to understand if I introduce it as such,
so please feel free to take it as something like the above.




Currently, Mitsuki Onishi and WoSe=Ozakefu are working mainly with the following “guidebeacons”


・To grow the existentiality of the “World Technigica” and “WoSe=Ozakefu” and the other inhabitants, through the presentation of their works, SNS transmissions and online distribution.

・In the real world, I want to create place (home country) which leads to the World Technigica

WoSe=Ozakefu wants to create New Technigica, his/her home land

Mitsuki Onishi wants to be made live by Technigica, and makes live by raising it for almost of my life

(To be honest, we’d also like to make a living doing so)

・Looking for support for our activities. Whether it’s goods or money, if we get it, we’ll use it someday
(For the outside, I think this will have a particularly pronounced impact on works such as “Fragments of Technigica (” and online distribution)

・Examples of main items made, activities performed, etc.↓

  • Works posted on SNS (Among them, “Fragments of Technigica” started last year and probably will exceed the 500th work by the end of this year)
  • Illustrations
  • music


(the above, GUIDE/BEACON (guidelines) will be as of November 26, 2021)